Saudi Ministry of Interior - Upgrading the PMO and Creating a Service Culture

OPM Experts are great experts who can guide you to the right direction of your business, with their knowledge and wide network partners I believe valuable results from them you will get. Always working hard and bringing creative ideas and recommendations which are applicable to your organization. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.
— Abdullah Tamimi, PMO Director, Saudi National Information Center (NIC)
OPM Experts helped our program management audit efforts enormously by showing us our weaknesses. We appreciate their insights and contributions to our PMO. Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity.
— Salem Alguslan, PMO IT Program Director, NIC

Taking your PMO to the next level of capability requires methodical culture transformation.



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the largest country of the Arabian Peninsula, and its stability, security, and tranquility is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), which is comprised of 30 main Sectors and Emirates. The National Information Center (NIC) provides services to sectors of the MOI, delivering projects that implement the most advanced and powerful computer systems in addition to a vast information network that covers all areas of the Kingdom. The NIC had undertaken an OPM3 assessment by another company. OPM Experts LLC was hired to assess that work, to reassess the NIC using OPM3, and to increase the rigor of the NIC's OPM3 implementation.



Directed to expand the assessment beyond the scope of the previous one by another company that had limited interviews to the PMO Manager and a few other key stakeholders, OPM Experts interviewed personnel from throughout the management hierarchy of the NIC (from the executive to the staff) and across all functions horizontally. Project Management artifacts were collected from the PMO and from major projects of the NIC. OPM Experts worked with the client to iterate a report that compared the previous assessment from another company to the more rigorous assessment.


OPM Experts analyzed everything from mega-server farm programs to the Mujahideen. We helped the client to discern how the development of the PMO to date had been influenced by Saudi culture whereby it is expected and accepted that leaders separate themselves from the group and issue complete and specific directives. In turn, we helped the NIC to distinguish ways to transform an inward facing PMO into an outward facing one focusing on the sectors it serves. Our sponsor was promoted from PMO Director and chartered to expand the NIC's capabiities into the domain of Portfolio Management.