Battelle - CREATING Science Through Projects

Comprehensive and insightful analysis!
— Barbara Kunz, President, Battelle

There is always room to improve, even at the cutting edge.

Since 1929, Battelle has put teams of technologists and engineers together to overcome the biggest challenges in the world. From strengthening national security to improving healthcare outcomes, with Battelle, it can be done.


Battelle Memorial Institute brings together unmatched experience in life sciences, device engineering, analytics and more to deliver projects that translate today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s must-have inventions. They also manage on behalf of the United States Department of Energy the following national laboratories:


Additionally, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security:

Battelle is constantly aspiring to meet ever greater scientific challenges on behalf of America. To that end, they hired OPM Experts LLC to assess their ability to implement their strategies through projects.


Research Projects

We performed an assessment that included stakeholders across the vertical management hierarchy and across functions horizontally. We recommended ways for Battelle to take its capabilities to the next level and developed a plan for them to do so.


As a result of our assessment, executives learned exactly what their capabilities were. Battelle gained confidence in project teams they were proposing to take on unprecedented challenges. They went on to complete a number of historic projects, including the Human Genome Project, ExactID® (investigative genetics exploiting massively parallel sequencing technologies), NEON (the National Ecological Observatory Network), the Contaminated Site Identification and Remediation Project, the BrainGate Neural Interface System (brain-computer interface), and many more.