Melco Crown
We wanted to benchmark our PMO against the best and set out to find an expert who could help us assess our true capabilities. We engaged the services of John Schlichter who was instrumental in developing OPM3 for PMI. We performed an extensive assessment work under the guidance of John to accurately measure our maturity. John was very meticulous in assessing what we said we do and what we actually did. It was an immensely humbling experience and also a great learning one too. John guided our progress forward to the next level of maturity. He was an immense help, and we are looking forward to working with him again in future.
— Vijay Chauhan, Head of Special Projects at Melco Crown

Projects can be risky. Mature project management capabilities can minimize exposure.


An extension of one of the 100 oldest companies in Hong Kong, Melco is a developer, owner, and operator of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia. When Melco approached OPM Experts LLC, they had just opened a property worth $3.2 billion in Macau and were starting work on another $3 billion property, aiming to grow from 8,000 employees to 25,000 employees in 4 years.

They suffered from projects with unclear scope, unplanned work, substantial overtime and constant last minute heroics to deliver projects. Unclear or missed requirements frequently resulted in corners being cut during deployment, which substantially increased the risk of flawed systems and accidental or fraudulent jackpots. It was a multi-million dollar risk exposure.



We helped our client understand the links between their corporate, business, and functional strategies, and the projects that enacted those strategies. We performed an assessment of the PMO and the organizations served by the PMO. We coached personnel in self-assessment activities and the development of policies, processes, and structures to close gaps in their Organizational Project Management capabilities.


Melco was able to make their project management process more capable, more reliable and predictable, more transparent, and more lean. Key stakeholders reported great service. Last minute heroics to deliver projects were eliminated. Unplanned work and overtime were greatly reduced. The PMO was able to avoid, transfer, or mitigate high impact risks to minimize their exposure.

John Schlichter is the OPM master (主). He has excellent knowledge in project management processes and the skill to lead organizations to achieve higher levels of Organizational Project Management.
— Eric Wong, Program Manager at Melco Crown Entertainment