What We Do

Your organization's strategies or decisions regarding where and how to compete are enacted through evolving networks of projects. Those projects are adaptable, temporary, team-based problem solving processes. They produce unique results, benefits, and learning, upgrading strategic planning recursively and cybernetically.

In any organization with many projects, although control mechanisms are created explicitly and often in a centralized manner, the projects must adjust and adapt to each other, creating new systems and subsystems that exhibit a degree of self-organization.

The adoption of standards occurs as simple rules, customs, and rituals for project teams: simple rules that create the possibility of behavior that is independent in detail and governed by higher organizing principles, i.e. emergence.

Rigid protocols in certain parts of the system create greater flexibility across the total system, enabling agility.

Decision-making must occur capably to a degree that matches the demands of the environment.

As performance is reported, resources are reallocated across the portfolio, project termination decisions may be made, and new projects may be initiated top-down or bottom up.

Strategy and project delivery processes can be made capable in ways that reflect your organization's strategic intent and organizational imperatives.

Both the processes and the environment they occur within must be cultivated.

These processes and the method for transforming both the processes and the environment that situates them have been codified as standards, which distill prevailing practices within an authoritative paradigm or framework contrived to enable collaborative action-taking.

OPM Experts, LLC can help your organization with selecting and delivering the projects necessary to advance your organization's strategic objectives. Our seasoned professionals bring tested experience to your toughest challenges, allowing you to unlock the potential of your organization. Our proven consulting and training solutions aid your personnel in developing sustainable capabilities that persist well beyond our engagements.

Our specialties include:

  • providing expert third-party assessments of the project, program, and portfolio management capabilities of your organization and its partners
  • designing and leading capability development programs and organizational transformations
  • brokering knowledge sharing among organizations through benchmarking
  • facilitating multi-party decision-making in the prioritization of your projects and optimization of your operational budgets
  • rescuing failing projects
  • performing due diligence services by auditing project portfolios
  • diagnosing and restructuring organizations
  • implementing and upgrading PMO's