Training is what most people think about when they want to acquire new skills or improve existing skills. We provide training, and much more (follow-up, Office Hours, coaching) in order to create learning experiences that live on after training so that participants and their organizations realize a stream of improvements and benefits long after the training.

To be successful in today’s complex world, people need to acquire or grow complementary skill sets, so we offer complementary training to enable participants to become truly competent outside of class in the real world.

Have it your way – our courses can easily accept your real-life scenarios and other content – to make the learning experience relevant, engaging, and impacting. All of our classes are available as in-person instructor-led (ILT); many are available as virtual instructor-led (vILT), and several are available online with instructor support (OIS).

Engaging and fun – we take participants, safely and with support, out of their comfort zones to where learning really begins – we challenge each other with a view to have some fun while we learn.

Superior results – our instructors facilitate learning effectively together, so that people achieve results far beyond their individual capabilities – and hold each other accountable afterwards.  

Great instructors – our instructors teach, facilitate, and coach, with great results. Scores in the Microsoft system, for example, are typically 4.6 to 4.8 out of 5.0. Several of our instructors consult as practitioners in their respective fields. Some have authored and/or contributed to multiple books.

Custom – we develop courses all the time. Tell us what you want and we will build it for you.

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