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When was the last time your organization undertook an important project? If you’re anything like most executives, your answer is probably “we’re doing important projects all the time,” and you probably have many underway.

Have you thought much about the standards used to select and deliver those projects? Probably not.

But do you know why those projects are underway? Of course you do. They are underway to implement your organization’s strategies.

Your projects are creating learning and growth to convert information into a competitive advantage. Or they are creating and manufacturing new products and eliminating gaps, delays, bottlenecks, shortages, or waste. They are meeting customer needs and increasing customer satisfaction by improving quality, price, or availability. They are increasing your organization’s profits or revenue. And those are all fantastic reasons to undertake those projects.

Wouldn’t you say delivering those projects is essential for the business? Yes, you would. Then shouldn’t they be treated that way? What we mean by that is, here you are undertaking important projects, an essential and memorable activity, all while using very unmemorable methods, which begs the question “Do you even know how well those methods are working? Or how to improve them?”

Many of us have spent our entire careers using basic methods for selecting and delivering projects and never gave it much thought to learn what’s best for more complex situations or important projects. As our world becomes more complex, volatile, and uncertain, the basic methods used in the past for selecting and delivering projects are no longer sufficient.

OPM Experts is here for your more important projects. We have the tools you need to get important projects done successfully, consistently, and predicably. Think of us as the way to take your company to the next level. Because when you begin using the right tools, you’re more effective. Ask our clients, like Worley Parsons, Battelle, SAP, Melco Crown, Harris Corporation, Microsoft, or Johnson & Johnson.

As you may know, we originated the Project Management Institute's program to develop the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), which is an international standard designed to help organizations improve their ability to implement strategies through projects

The founder of OPM Experts was the person who first coined the term "Organizational Project Management” as the system for implementing an organization's strategies through projects. He pitched the idea of Organizational Project Management (OPM) and OPM3 to PMI's executive director, who agreed to sponsor the creation of these tools as a PMI standard accredited by ISO.

Then our founder led a team of nearly 800 people across 35 countries for a period of years to develop those tools to make Organizational Project Management capable in organizations of all kinds, including your own.

We were the original architects of OPM3, and we have been helping clients unleash the power of OPM3 continuously since 2002 (longer than any other firm).

We have the tools you need to implement your strategies through important projects successfully, consistently, and predictably.

You're in good company.

We were the first OPM3 consultants. It is a testimony to the product we created on behalf of PMI that other consultants followed suit. But in our biased opinion none has enjoyed a client list as extensive and distinguished as ours:

  • Automatic Data Processing (ADP) - outsourcing.

  • AECID - Spanish government foreign relations.

  • Alcatel-Lucent - telecommunications equipment.

  • Read the vignette: Amana (Jeddah Municipality) - billion dollar construction program.

  • Read the vignette: Battelle Memorial Institute - applied science.

  • C.A.R.E. - fighting poverty, 70+ countries.

  • Read the vignette: CARICOM - 15 Caribbean nations; foreign policy.

  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - pediatrics.

  • Cooper University Hospital - trauma.

  • Cox Communications - 3rd largest US cable TV provider.

  • Defense Intelligence Agency – American military intelligence.

  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) - safeguarding life and the environment.

  • Read the vignette: European Union External Action Service (EEAS) - EU foreign ministry.

  • Fiserv - multibillion dollar provider of "fintech."

  • Flowserve - supplier of industrial machinery.

  • FRTIB - largest retirement plan in the world.

  • Read the vignette: Harris Corporation - terrestrial/spaceborne electronics.

  • Hong Kong SAR Government – executive authority of Hong Kong.

  • Hyder – leading infrastructure design company.

  • IARPA – research and development.

  • IBM – technology.

  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) - financing.

  • Read the vignette: Johnson & Johnson – healthcare.

  • Read the vignette: Kurdistan Regional Government - Iraq – regional government.

  • Lockheed Martin - aerospace, defense, security.

  • MARTA – rapid transit.

  • McGraw-Hill – one of America’s oldest publishers.

  • MCIC Vermont Inc. - risk retention.

  • Read the vignette: Melco-Crown Entertainment (China) - gaming operations.

  • Read the vignette: Microsoft - world's largest software company.

  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi - leading UAE bank.

  • Nationwide Insurance – financial services.

  • Read the vignette: Northrop Grumman – 4th largest aerospace/defense company.

  • Read the vignette: Panasonic-Mobile – 2nd largest manufacturer in mobile.

  • Pearson Education Measurement – education publishing.

  • Pentair - multi-billion dollar leader in fluid controls.

  • Read the vignette: Popular Financial – operating in Puerto Rico 100+ years.

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) – marketing.

  • Prudential Financial - Fortune insurance and investment company.

  • Quality Assurance Institute (India) – training company in India.

  • R.L. Polk & Co. – provider of automotive information and marketing.

  • Read the vignette: Remington Outdoor Company – oldest gun manufacturer in USA.

  • Read the vignette: SAP – enterprise applications.

  • Read the vignette: Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior – national security.

  • Studiocom – online product launch, branded entertainment.

  • T-Mobile – 3rd largest mobile service provider.

  • TransLink - multi-billion dollar mass rapid transit authority.

  • TATA (India) – one of India’s largest conglomerates.

  • Read the vignette: Valassis – America’s top print manufacturing company.

  • Read the vignette: Verint – security, risk, fraud, customer engagement.

  • WellPoint – largest managed healthcare company.

  • Read the vignette: WorleyParsons - large provider of project delivery and consulting.

  • Xerox – document management.

  • YP – largest local search, media, advertising company in America.

A problem and a solution...

Although OPM3 has been a great success in the marketplace and has been used across the world to help organizations improve their ability to implement strategies through projects, it has suffered from being managed by committees that are responsible for maintaining OPM3 as an industry standard. 

Bureaucracy and the myopia it engenders have fragmented OPM3. As a result, essential parts of OPM3 are not currently available to new users like you. 

And the parts that are available to you will not enable you to increase your organization's maturity level. 

Worst of all, PMI's process for updating OPM3 (which has been updated to its 3rd edition) takes years, and there is no way to know when or even if these issues will be resolved. 

Fortunately, OPM Experts LLC has a solution. What is that solution? It is "SIMPLE," the "Strategy Implementation Maturity Protocol for Learning Enterprises." 

SIMPLE is a vast improvement on OPM3. It fixes significant problems that have remained unaddressed in OPM3 for years. 

SIMPLE allows us to infer your OPM3 maturity level and to help your organization achieve the highest level of OPM3 in a fraction of the time typically required by OPM3. This allows us to offer maturity assessments at very low prices and to produce results for you quickly. 

An added bonus for clients is that, if you prefer, OPM Experts LLC can perform a maturity assessment of your organization remotely, i.e. by email and telephone. We have done this for many clients on nearly every continent. This accelerates engagements and eliminates expenses.

Would your sponsors like to have an expert diagnosis of the current state of Organizational Project Management in the organization(s) they lead? 

Would your organization benefit from clear and actionable recommendations regarding how to improve the ability of your organization to implement its strategies through projects successfully, consistently, and predictably? 

Do you want your organization to leapfrog to the highest levels of capability in these things?

  • achieving strategic alignment of project-portfolios

  • improving benefit realization from projects and programs

  • creating customer focus

  • delivering quality

  • executing on schedule

  • accelerating time-to-market

  • improving budget performance

  • satisfying stakeholders

  • reducing risks

  • accelerating learning

  • implementing business strategies through projects successfully, consistently, and predictably

If so, contact us today to learn about our Organizational Project Management (OPM) maturity assessments.