SAP - Institutionalize Best Practices in Project Management Globally

Every project-based organization needs an effective project management methodology.


SAP is a leader in collaborative business software. Their software supports some of the most complex business challenges. SAP's applications are present in virtually every leading company in America, underlying the management of their operations. With that claim, it is unsurprising that SAP application implementations are widely regarded as among the more complex, and SAP provides an excellent yet somewhat esoteric project delivery methodology for implementation of its apps, designed for the initiated. As such, the implementation of their software products through projects requires a best-in-class methodology. SAP turned to OPM Experts to assess and develop their Project Management Methodology, and to roll out updates to the renown "ASAP" methodology on every continent.


We worked to understand our client's unique strategies, business environment, and culture. Then we leveraged industry standards in ways that fit our client's needs. We analyzed all components of the methodology, and interviewed executives, process owners, and project managers. We recommended improvements resulting in a new streamlined methodology designed to transform processes into organizational capabilities that could be quantified and made predictable.


Our client published a new streamlined methodology incorporating delivery models covering the entire project life-cycle, establishing a standard delivery WBS, integrating and optimizing road-map authoring and delivery tools, and enabling efficient delivery of add-on packages with additional details and artifacts from different practice areas and content producing units. The client said our improvements would enable them to deliver services in a more remote and automated way as well as to establish effective ecosystem adoption mechanisms. Indicators of success were high volume processes, scalable operations, and reduction of TCI (total cost of implementation) on-site and remotely by institutionalizing the methodology. Strategically this increased velocity to deliver more projects faster with a higher level of consistency.