Unfortunately due to errors on the part of a third-party event manager, this workshop is not going forward as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Organizational Project Management Maturity Mini-Assessment Workshop

Sunday, May 5, 2019 from 2:00 P.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Delta Ocean Resort, 100 Harbour Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 0G1, Canada


Leveraging big data from the cloud, companies are building and using artificial intelligence technologies that outperform their human counterparts. And for the first time, artificial intelligences (AI’s) have begun to create their own children AI's. Companies that are unable to cope with the changing environment by selecting and delivering projects successfully, consistently, and predictably will become obsolete and irrelevant. Fortunately standards can help.

Since the turn of the 21st century when John Schlichter's team established a global standard in Organizational Project Management (a term first coined by John on PMI's behalf), companies have been leveraging standards that combine portfolio, program, and project management to implement their strategies through projects. To do this, companies have assessed and developed their ability to select the right projects and deliver those projects to realize benefits. That typically begins with a maturity assessment that results in a report characterizing current capabilities and recommendations for improvement. By undertaking maturity assessments, executives can improve their ability to select and deliver projects of all kinds, including those that are producing technologies which will eventually themselves select and deliver projects of their own, forever separating the leaders from the followers in the exponential future accelerating toward us. 

Are you a project management professional who wants to assess his or her own organization’s ability to implement its strategies through projects and to develop an improvement plan for your organization based on that assessment? If so, come learn how to perform a maturity assessment of your organization’s ability to implement its strategies through projects successfully, consistently, and predictably from the foremost expert in this domain.

Prior to a workshop, you will receive maturity assessment questions to use to assess your own organization. Then at the workshop you will review those questions with the instructor, as well as any answers you have obtained, and consider follow-up actions. For two weeks following the workshop, the instructor will be available to you for a one hour consultation consisting of personalized phone support to address your follow up questions.

Your instructor is John Schlichter, who is the opening keynote speaker for the PMI Victoria Chapter’s Professional Development Conference 2019. John coined the term “Organizational Project Management” or “OPM,” which is the system for implementing the business strategy of an organization through projects. OPM became a global standard published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is how companies throughout the world deliver projects valued in billions if not trillions of dollars.

John has contributed greatly to PMI.
— Greg Balestrero, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Project Management Institute
In John’s role as the leader of PMI’s OPM3 program, he has immeasurably contributed to the growth of the profession.
— Becky Winston, J.D., Chair of the Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute

Having created OPM3© (an international standard in project, program, and portfolio management), John founded OPM Experts LLC, a firm delivering OPM solutions and a leading provider of maturity assessment services. Industry classifications: NAICS 541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, NAICS 541618 Other Management Consulting, and NAICS 611430 Training. John is a member of the adjunct faculty of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

Instead of using OPM3, which has not been updated since 2013, John will coach you in the latest maturity assessment questions and techniques that his firm uses for clients today. Fees for full maturity assessments by John’s firm OPM Experts start at $20,000 USD, which is a service they have provided to Harris Corporation, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Panasonic, SAP, T-Mobile, TransLink, Xerox, and many others.

In this intense and informative workshop, John did a great job explaining Organizational Project Management’s value and purpose. It included fundamental, intermediate, and advanced topics. In addition, based on John’s extensive experience, he shared insight and techniques regarding how to assess and communicate maturity assessment findings, standardize metrics, and how to overcome various cultural and resource challenges. John did a great job articulating how to use a maturity model to assess organizational portfolio, program, and project management. This workshop was one of the major highlights during the conference because I actually walked away with an initial plan regarding what to do next. In addition, I was so impressed with John’s ability to simplify something that appeared to be so complex that it validated that he is the guy to call if I need any assistance. John definitely proved to attendees that he was an expert and not just knowledgeable. John exhibited passion, professionalism, experience and patience. I highly recommend him!!!!
— Carrie J. Clark, PMO Director, R. L. Polk & Co.
The workshop was extremely well-structured, challenging, and engaging, and it provided me with a very solid understanding not only of maturity model fundamentals and implementation but intriguing insights into the basis and creation of Organizational Project Management maturity concepts. The exercises John used forced us not only to retrieve information from the presentation but to apply that knowledge in real-time. It was a worthwhile investment of my time and energy!
— Rich Maltzman, Senior Lecturer at Boston University Metropolitan College, Cleland Award-winning author

In this workshop, you will learn how to perform a streamlined version of a maturity assessment or a “mini-assessment,” with personalized phone support from the instructor after the workshop. You will learn to characterize your organization’s maturity level and capabilities accurately, how to identify improvement options for increasing its maturity level and capabilities, and how to translate those options into a plan of action.

Workshop Pricing

As part of this offer, you get maturity assessment questions to use on your organization. You get the workshop itself. And you get a 1:1 phone consultation after the workshop. The total price for this package? Pricing information has been withdrawn, as this event has been canceled.


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What People Have Said About Your Instructor

John Schlichter’s leadership and vision on a massive undertaking of the OPM3 initiative was exemplary and a true testament of his passion for the project management profession.
— Dr. Ashley Pereira, Senior Engineering Manager & Six Sigma BlackBelt, Honeywell Aerospace
John directed the original team that developed OPM3 for PMI, and I was the technical writer on the team. John demonstrated remarkable talents in this position, which I observed over several months. He is a brilliant strategist, a strong, decisive leader, and a creative, visionary thinker in his field.
— Paul Wesman, Owner, Wesman Corporate Communications
John was a detail oriented and very focused Director for PMI’s OPM3 Product Development Initiative. …John is brilliant; he was highly intelligent; kept track of all details and high level management and reporting; very focused and hard working.
— Cynthia (Cindy) Berg, PMP, Volunteer/Member, Project Management Institute
John demonstrated great leadership and visionary foresight as Program Manager of PMI’s OPM3 development effort. Very knowledgeable of our specific subject-matter, John motivated and inspired all of us to work towards our common objective. He was able to adeptly address specific issues at a granular, detail level, while at the same time not losing sight of our overall objective.
— Nik Kalantjakos, OPM3 Assessment Team Leader, Project Management Institute
OPM3 was a very complex program and involved volunteers from a variety of companies and industries in varying degrees of maturity. Under John’s leadership, I served for two years as a contributor. To his credit, John was able to inspire, motivate and guide a large group into some of the most uncharted waters of the project management profession. I was most impressed with John’s ability to listen, especially when you disagreed with him; he always gave a fair hearing. Without question, such integrity deserves respect and my recommendation.
— Michael Paul Ervick, Project Manager (PMO Staff), Nextlink
John has result oriented approach with open mind for ideas and out-of-box suggestions. His leadership is helpful to explore resolution to any issue of business challenges. Work with him on complex problems is highly enjoyable.
— Muhammad Mirza, President-PMI KPC, Project Management Institute
I worked with John as a member of his team to create the OPM3 standard of PMI. John was equally open to analyze all inputs or suggestions coming from all the parts of the world in a virtual team of about 200 people. It was a challenge and I am sure that thanks to John all team members are very positive about this experience.
— Thierry Soulard, Program Manager, Philips semiconductors
I worked with John on the OPM3 initiative at PMI and enjoyed his leadership. As Program Manager, John followed up with team members to ensure the project stayed on track and was meeting/exceeding expectations. He respected the inputs from the team members and recognized the contribution of each one. I would welcome the opportunity to work with John on another project.
— Yves Racine, President, Project Management Maturity Improvement Inc.
Around 2000- 2002 I worked as a volunteer with many others on the Organisational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) being developed as a Project Management Institute project. John was director of this programme. His enthusiasm and approachability helped inspire a large team of us for every corner of the globe.
— Peter Goldsbury, Owner, Strategic Expertise Ltd.
I was fortunate to work for John when the Project Management Institute was developing OPM3. John was a brilliant Project Manager leading a worldwide team of PM’s to develop a coherent, measurable Maturity Model around Project Management comparable to CMMI. This was a bold undertaking with a long list of challenges, but John was up to the task and produced an excellent product.
— George Kramer, Sr. IT Project Manager, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
I worked with John during his initial tenure as lead for the Project Management Institute’s effort to develop its Organizational Project Management Maturity Model standard. His commitment and drive were significant contributors to the success of this effort. He demonstrated strong leadership skills in keeping a very diverse group of volunteers focused on creating a finished product that would benefit the project management community.
— David Violette, Project Manager, Duke Energy Corporation
I worked on the development of the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) for PMI, having John as the leader of a global team of project management experts as the overall Program Manager and subject matter expert. John did an excellent job building the team and managing to keep focused a diverse group of people. He is a proactive leader, truly an asset to every organization.
— Mauro Sotille, MBA, PMP, President, PMI-RS Chapter
I worked with John on the OPM3 Standards project sponsored by the PMI where he led a global team of project management experts as the overall Program Manager and the original architect of the organizational project management maturity model. John is a tremendous subject matter expert on Organizational Project Management, process improvement, and organizational development arena. He is a fantastic leader, and I learned a lot from him working on this ground breaking project and recommend him without any hesitations!
— Lutfur Rabbani, Co-Lead of OPM3 Network Model, PMI - OPM3 Program
John was our first Leader of the OPM3. This was a new maturity model for Project Management initiated by PMI and John had the task of driving it. I was a Risk Management team member then, and I was amazed at his organizational and coordination skills leading a global program. It also demonstrated his knowledge of this new subject then, and his ability to build a team, share the thought process and work with the global team.
— Vivek Dixit, Knowledge Management, PMI
As PMI’s Program Manager for OPM3, John led the program and motivated the various sub-project teams while simultaneously sharing subject matter expertise on managing the interaction and relationships of an organizations projects, programs, and portfolios.
— David Evenson, Project Mgr Sr/Programme Mgr, EDS
As a pro-bono contributor to an Organizational Project Maturity Model that the Project Management Institute was developing, I viewed John’s approach as very efficient and effective. We met our milestones with a high-quality product that exceeded virtually everyone’s expectations. I think John demonstrated exceptional skills in coping with the usual bureaucratic challenges and technical obstacles associated with a very large virtual team.
— David Lanners, Executive Consultant, LCS International, Inc.
John has been an inspiration to many of us. He organized an effort whose extensive scope was singular, and mobilized hundreds of professionals. John is a leader.
— Luis Augusto dos Santos, MSc, PMP, President, Project Management Institute, Sao Paulo Brazil Chapter