Closing Keynote at Canada’s Largest Annual Project Management Conference by John Schlichter

I gave the closing keynote yesterday at the CWCC in Vancouver, which I was told is the largest project management conference in Canada. The title of my talk was “Delivering Innovative Projects Predictably Using SIMPLE® - How TransLink Is Transforming Its Project Delivery Capability.” TransLink, the rapid mass transit authority that builds roads and rails for metro Vancouver's 2.3 million residents, hired OPM Experts LLC to assess their infrastructure project management capabilities, and then joined me on stage to talk about it.

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ICYMI, here are some scientific breakthroughs that occurred this past week. by John Schlichter

Quantum materials were created that can conduct electricity at nearly the speed of light.

The world’s first fusion reactor created its first plasma; on track to produce clean energy by 2018.

Fungi in a toxic lake was discovered to produce a new antibiotic that kills super-bugs unlike anything before.

HIV infection has been eliminated in living animals through gene editing.

Researchers created the first synthetic retina out of soft tissue.

Scientists discovered how to extract ancient DNA from 240,000 year old dirt.

In this exponential future accelerating toward us, how can executives implement their strategies through projects successfully, consistently, and predictably? The answer is "SIMPLE," the "Strategy Implementation Maturity Protocol for Learning Enterprises." See