dynamic capabilities

Business Agility in an Exponential Future by John Schlichter

In this complex, volatile, and uncertain world, project teams form to meet changing needs. Teams are composed of personnel who span traditional corporate and agency boundaries as ephemeral networks. Knowledge necessary for the problem solving inherent to projects must be captured, codified, and internalized as standards for networks of projects to implement strategy capably over time.

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Disaster Relief Programs: A Thousand Twangling Instruments by John Schlichter

Our models have been applied in a range of real-world disaster-relief contexts and circumstances, e.g. responses to Hurricane Katrina, the 2002 Elbe River floods, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and the 2005 Pakistani earthquake; and NATO operations in Bosnia and Kosovo; as well as for maturity assessments of alternative unit organizations in U.S. forces, i.e. Light Infantry, Airborne and Stryker Brigade Combat Teams.

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