A Message for Sunil Prashara, PMI’s new President & CEO / by John Schlichter

Sunil Prashara, PMI’s new President & CEO, effective March 5, 2019:


I applaud your first public statement in your new role and offer this response titled Alexander and the Indian King: a Story of Project Management Empire.

Alexander and the Indian King can be distilled as five pithy recommendations for improving PMI:

  1. Execute Ryan Berman’s five-step P.R.I.C.E. process (from his book Return on Courage), starting by modernizing and prioritizing PMI’s core values.

  2. Distinguish the essence of PMI (the aspects of PMI that are essential), and cease any PMI activities that are non-essential. Get all of the wood behind one arrow.

  3. Establish a strict policy that PMI shall never compete with professional services firms that specialize in any aspect of assessing and improving how organizations enact project, program, and portfolio management. Enforce this policy with rigor.

  4. Implement emerging technologies to decentralize, accelerate, and improve the updating of standards. Decentralize copyrighting of PMI standards, and make all standards free-of-charge for PMI members. Place no constraints on how PMI standards are used.

  5. Require all PMI certifications to be based on third-party assessments of an individual’s competence (not merely knowledge). Decentralize those assessments.

हमारे मन मिल सकते हैं

Sincere regards,

John Schlichter
Founder, OPM Experts LLC