Harris Corporation - Accelerate Time-to-Market 30%

OPM Experts are highly skilled, knowledgeable OPM3 appraisers. They provided a valuable service to my organization as an appraiser of our project management capabilities. Their appraisal report was accurate, concise and characterized by insightful recommendations. If you are seeking to increase your organizational capabilities in project, program and portfolio management, contacting OPM Experts would be a wise first step. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.
— Mark Scott, Senior Engineering Manager
I was very fortunate to be able to spend a week with OPM Experts participating in an OPM3 assessment of our maturity relative to the management of projects at Harris Corporation. OPM Experts is extremely well versed in OPM3 and has exceptional clarity in speaking about the model, analyzing project artifacts and interviewing project team members to produce significant, concise and actionable findings from a focused assessment process. It was a tremendous learning experience for me personally and a practical assessment report for my company to implement. I look forward to working with them again to extend the OPM3 to other areas of the company. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
— Cathy Frank, Quality Engineer

PMO's and methodologies must be designed explicitly to achieve strategic priorities, focusing on what is important and getting all of the wood behind one arrow.


There is a reason why Harris Corporation’s RF Communications Division (RFCD) is number one in the global tactical radio market. Harris delivers technology that makes battlefield communications reliable, secure, and simple. Harris’s comprehensive line of software-defined radio products and systems supports the most critical missions around the world. The need to bring these solutions to market fastest throws the importance of Project Management into sharp relief.


Through a series of engagements, OPM Experts assessed the organization's Project Management capabilities associated with the Systems, Software, and Hardware engineering disciplines, and proposed a strategy for implementing their PMO that would effect a strategic Time-To-Market (TTM) system radically accelerating Harris's product development. The assessment focused on multiple product development engines and Project Management practices, incorporating interviews and artifact analysis.


OPM Experts helped the client to discern how to reduce "process complexity" (or connections among processes) by a sea change factor of 2 to 1 within a multi-model process environment that included ISO-9001-2000, OPM3, CMMI, and Lean product development initiatives. We emphasized a strategy for leveraging the process-oriented culture to effect a transformation of the Project Management culture. We provided a roadmap for implementing a PMO to oversee the creation and deployment of lean Project, Program and Portfolio Management processes that enable a lean project management culture responsive to the client's strategic growth imperatives. Within 3 months, the client reported schedule acceleration of up to 30% on product development projects governed by the Time-to-Market system designed and predicated on the preceding OPM3 assessment by OPM Experts LLC.