In our consulting practice, our first goal is to establish a collaborative relationship. Our next priority is to solve problems so they stay solved. We ensure attention is given to the technical or business problem and relationships. We cultivate trust: being authentic, basing problem solving on valid data, facilitating effective decision-making based on free and open choice, and creating internal commitment to ensure effective implementation.

Project Rescue

Do you have a strategic project that is failing or at risk of failing? We can help.

An OPM Expert can determine the reality of any project, identify the issues and root causes, and recommend specific and detailed remedial actions within one day. By the second day, we will have enrolled all stakeholders to measurable and prioritized requirements, and by the third day we will have produced a detailed work breakdown structure, a realistic resource loaded and leveled schedule, and a budget forecast for the remainder of the project. We will create buy-in to all of these by the conclusion of the third day.

We excel at performing this role within entrenched and fractured teams under immense scrutiny and pressure.

When failure is not an option, neither is luck. Do not take unnecessary risks when your strategies must be executed successfully. Call the experts.

M&A Forensics

An exponential future is accelerating toward us, and organizations are adapting to this environment by reinventing themselves and recombining assets through constant mergers and acquisitions.

In comparing today’s market to past markets, M&A transactions have increased radically. However, the vast majority (+70%) of M&A transactions never achieve the forecasted synergies. Often this is because legacy issues within the projects of an organization are carried forward from the old entity to the new one, and typically this is because one simply did not know what one was getting into.

OPM Experts can help you to perform due diligence on a company’s portfolio of projects, efficiently investigating projects with a standard of care. Performing this type of investigation contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers and by ensuring that this information is systematically used to deliberate in a reflexive manner on the decision at hand and all its costs, benefits, and risks.

Organization Design

The problem that management faces is continuously adjusting organizations in order to match information-processing requirements with organizational capabilities. What happens if for whatever reason the organization’s designers and top management team can’t do that? You are going to see symptoms of structural misfit:

1) Decision-making is delayed. This may be because people are uncertain, or people are not getting information that they need, or there is conflict in the organization around what to do because coordination between departments is not what it should be.

2) Quality suffers. It may be the case that one department does not know what another is doing or somebody in the organization does not really understand what the customer wants.

3) The organization is less responsive to the conditions around it: less responsive to customers, less responsive to technological development and what is going on in its own core technology; less responsive to top management teams.

4) Conflict and turnover increase. There may be finger-pointing and emotional distress, and people cannot get their jobs done. If you see this regularly and if it is widespread in the organization, it is most likely the case that the organization structure is not aligned properly with the context factors that are imposing themselves on the organization.

These symptoms of structural misfit are probably always there to a certain extent. You will always have some conflict and turnover. Organizations will not always be able to respond to everything equally. Some decisions fall through the cracks. But the key is to take a look at this over a period of time or over a number of different organizations and see if the symptoms that exist in an organization are growing in severity or whether similar organizations in similar circumstances cope better or worse than each other. External consultants are often valued for this purpose because they are able to perform these kinds of diagnoses. They have a range of experiences because they have worked with a number of organizations. They can see things that people embedded in the circumstance might not be able to see.

PMO Implementation

PMO’s come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In some cases, there is a Project Office for a single project. Alternatively departmental and enterprise structures may be created to do any number of things, whether acting as a clearinghouse for status information, providing administrative support, training, or having accountability for portfolio management and the actual delivery of programs and projects. One size does not fit all.

OPM Experts has designed or upgraded PMO’s for many of the world’s top companies including ADP, Battelle, Harris, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Panasonic, WellPoint, and many more. Whether you need a PMO created from scratch or you wish to expand the scope and capabilities of an existing PMO, OPM Experts can guide you.

CIO Advisory Services

As an IT executive you are charged with leveraging information technology to help your organization achieve its goals. This means not only sustaining your infrastructure and safeguarding your information assets, but innovating to drive value and advantage.  In addition, it means securing the funding your organization needs to execute its mission.

To achieve these outcomes while being a steward of your organization’s resources, you need to be keenly focused on the intersection of the business of your enterprise and technology. Further, you need to devise a plan that’s aligned with your business, engage executive leadership in the alignment process and shape your organization to carry out the mission.  This means not only devising the right strategy, but effectively communicating that strategy to your constituents.

Understanding the need for strategy, governance and transformation is not the challenge; successfully creating, funding and implementing them is.

• Strategy and Planning
• Communications
• IT Governance
• IT Transformation
• Executive Facilitation

Portfolio Management

Driving business value for your organization requires starting at the top and assembling a team that is both adept at executive levels and competent in creating business value alignment. From understanding organizational objectives to selecting investments to optimizing your portfolio of projects, we are ready with the processes, tools and know-how to guide your business value creation.

• Business Goal Alignment
• Enterprise Architecture
• Business Case Development
• Program and Project Selection
• Portfolio Optimization
• Capital Planning and Budgeting