The OPM Experts Benchmarking Network

The OPM Experts Benchmarking Network is an exclusive program for executives to ensure their organizations become capable in portfolio, program, and project management via a methodical transformation program, tricks of the trade, elite conferences, and proprietary industry reports.

Guaranteed Results

Our benchmarking service guarantees that participating organizations achieve the highest level of maturity in OPM3 within one year in project, program, and portfolio management processes even if they start at “level zero” or without any capabilities.  This means that even organizations that have not achieved consistent implementation of work methods in project, program, and portfolio management will demonstrate process capability or the ability to perform their process successfully, consistently, and predictably – by the end of one year.


Value-added Services

Our benchmarking service is based on an annual subscription. In the first year, your organization will receive four OPM3 assessments, one per quarter. Between each assessment, leaders in your organization will receive coaching. You will also receive credit for a number of days of consulting, which you may use for help developing your vision and strategy for improvements and communicating these to stakeholders, developing policies and processes, designing and analyzing metrics, training your personnel in project and program and portfolio management techniques (including the "special sauce" for each), orchestrating organizational change, and much more.

Exclusive Knowledge

As a member of the OPM Experts Benchmarking Network, you will have unprecedented access to proprietary templates, tools, and tricks, including the “special sauce” for unleashing the power of OPM3. This will grant you advantages over those not subscribed to the service, while multiplying benefits to you as more participants join the network. Sharing OPM3’s secrets with you through the network attracts newcomers to the network, and members may volunteer to share information with any other members of the network through mechanisms facilitated by OPM Experts, LLC. As a member of the OPM Experts Benchmarking Network, you will participate in elite knowledge sharing conferences composed of executives like you from other companies on similar journeys.

Industry Intelligence

Your organization will receive exclusive Gartner-style reports that help you to do the following things:

• Determine how well you compare to others
•  Improve beyond the bounds of industry standards
• Prioritize opportunities for improvement
• Locate your performance gaps
• Promote process "ownership" in your organization
• Increase openness about relative strengths and weaknesses
• Learn from others and increase confidence in developing and applying new approaches
• Expand participation and motivation of staff in change programs
• Increase willingness to share solutions to common problems and build consensus about what is needed to accommodate changes
• Increase collaboration and understanding of the interactions within and between organizations